5 Useful Posts for Novelists – Romantic Subplot Edition 😍

As I’ve been slogging my way through draft 2.2 of my novel, known to all but the chosen few as Project E, one of the main things I’ve been trying to improve upon since the previous draft is the romantic subplot.

Frankly, it came off as a bit clunky and lurching in the previous draft, so I’ve been researching the subject thoroughly, trying to find some pointers to help me really polish off the relationship between my protagonist and the love interest.

Here’s some links to a few of the more useful articles I’ve found:

5 Tips for Writing Stellar Romantic Subplots’ – Writers Helping Writers

‘How to Write Good Romantic Subplots’ – Words and Other Malakary

‘How to Write a Romantic Subplot (and Why You Should Consider It for Your Story)’ – A Place of Intent

‘Write Romance? Get Your Beat Sheet Here!’ – Jami Gold (okay, this one isn’t really for romantic subplots as such, but it still has useful material).

‘5 Tips for Writing Romantic Subplots’ – Newbie to Novelist

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