I’ve always thought that stories are one of those things that separate us from the animals. A story well told can stimulate us emotionally and intellectually in ways that few other things can. Who doesn’t love a good book, a good play, a good film or even a TV show we’re slightly embarrassed to admit we religiously watch every week? Is it any wonder we have been telling each other stories for as long as we have been able to communicate with each other?

This blog is all about the fantastic art of story-writing from the point-of-view of this would-be story writer. My tastes are eclectic and I am a firm believer that all forms of story-telling have merit so expect everything from Shakespeare to Star Trek. I also intend to include a few of my own modest offerings here and there, as well as a few of my own experiences and observations about writing. I would also be very happy to read any of your own previously unpublished stories (whether online or in print); just drop me an e-mail. If I really, really enjoy it, I might even post it and/or a review of it on the site (but not without your explicit permission, of course).


I’m thinking about doing author interviews here on Penstricken over the coming year, especially with new fiction authors. It will probably just take the form of a quick Q&A via private message or e-mail and, of course, a link to where we can all get a copy of your book. If you’re interested, be to sure to drop us an e-mail or message us on Facebook/Twitter.

All images on this website come from Pixabay and have been released under Creative Commons CC0 or else are entirely my own work.

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  1. Good morning, and thank you so much for following The Write Edge! I hope you find it interesting and informative. I look forward to reading your work. All the best to you on your writing journey!


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