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Super Snappy Speed Reviews: Doctor Who Edition

And so, today I’ll be reviewing all twelve incarnations of the Doctor character thus far, from Hartnell to Capaldi, rather than individual episodes or series (I thought about doing that but it was too hard!). As ever, these reviews only reflect my own personal opinions and impressions, exterminated, soniced and bigger-on-the-insided into just two or three sentences.

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Super Snappy Speed Reviews: Children’s Books Edition

I might have mentioned once or twice before that I have a little daughter….

‘And so,’ my wife suggested, ‘why not write a Super Snappy Speed Reviews post about books for children?’

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Super Snappy Speed Reviews – TV Edition (Vol. 2)

I’ve picked 5 TV shows entirely at random from my DVD rack/Now TV/Lovefilm/etc. accounts and reviewed them all in no more than four or five sentences.

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