VIDEO: Excerpts from Detective Mo and the Mystery of the Stolen Cake

My new children’s book, Detective Mo and the Mystery of the Stolen Cake, is available to buy now on Amazon. To whet your appetite, here’s a little video of me reading a few excerpts. If you like it, be sure to buy a copy (or ten!) and leave a nice review 😀. Click here to […]

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Cover Reveal – Detective Mo and the Mystery of the Stolen Cake

I promised you a cover reveal for my upcoming children’s book, Detective Mo and the Mystery of the Stolen Cake and here it is.

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Free Book Giveaway Now On!

All my books are now ABSOLUTELY FREE to download on Kindle until midnight on the 1st December (Pacific time)

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Anyone Want to Review Detective Mo?

I need some kind souls to read and review Detective Mo for me.

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Book Review: First Frost

R.D. Winfield’s bumbling and irreverent police detective Jack Frost returns in this prequel by James Henry.

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Detective Mo 2 – Cover Reveal

Congratulations to those of you who worked out that the full title of Detective Mo 2 will be…

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Detective Mo 2: Titular Teaser

I thought about doing a Detective Mo 2 title reveal, but then I realised that would exceptionally boring. It’s a children’s mystery book, so you’ll want some sort of puzzle!

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Mystery Clichés and How to Avoid Them

Mystery Clichés and How to Avoid Them #NewPost #fiction #stories #writing #writetip #writingtip #amwriting #genre #mystery

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If You Don’t Like Mysteries, You’ll Love Mr. Holmes

Last year, I was standing waiting for a bus when one passed by (not the one I was waiting for) with a poster on the side, advertising a new film that was about to be released. The poster was plain white apart from a very well dressed and sour faced Ian McKellen. The title of the film was Mr. Holmes.

‘Oh, a new Sherlock Holmes film.’ I thought, my interest piqued. ‘I must remember to make time to go and see that.’

Suffice it to say I did not remember and, whether it was because of my own poor fortune or because the film was inadequately publicised, I did not see hide nor hair of that film again until this very year when I was perusing Amazon for something to watch and it recommended this little gem to me. The reviews on Amazon were generally good but there were also enough negative reviews to give me doubts. However, being a big fan of Sherlock Holmes and knowing that Ian McKellen’s acting is always a joy to watch (no matter how bad the rest of the film is) I decided to give it a chance.

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