Spotlight: Fir Lodge by Sean McMahon

Arriving at a lodge in Norfolk for a long weekend retreat, a group of friends meet for a thirtieth birthday celebration. Before the weekend is over, five of them will die.

Trapped in a thirty-three-hour time-loop, only Hal and Kara have the ability to alter fate, and prevent the deaths of their friends.

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Spotlight: Werewolf Nights by Mari Hamill

Cast in a movie about her town’s most infamous werewolf legend, a widowed baker will discover the truth behind the myth.

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Spotlight: Duckett & Dyer: Dicks for Hire by G.M. Nair

I’ve been planning on doing a regular ‘Book of the Week’ post. Well, today is week one of this ongoing feature, which I hereby dub Spotlight…. this week, it’s a book that is definitely going on my Christmas list: Duckett & Dyer: Dicks for Hire by G.M. Nair

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Stories from the #WritingCommunity

I thought it was time to throw my own tuppence in to help my fellow writers of the #writingcommunity, by asking them to tell me about their book so that I could share it in this post.

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