What’s On Your Writer’s Utility Belt?

Just like Batman has a utility belt which is loaded with all deus ex machina gadgets he needs to help him save the day, so we writers all have our (figurative) utility belts loaded with all the tools we rely on to help us whenever we sit down to write…. Don’t we? 😶

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5 Elements of a Great Story

A good story will stimulate the audience emotionally and intellectually; it will thrill them as well as make them think; frighten them as well as make them laugh and it will take them on a journey which is both meaningful and enjoyable. To accomplish this, there’s a few key ingredients you just can’t do without.

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Idea Generators: Are They Any Use?

If you’re struggling to come up with an idea for your story, you might be tempted to Google story idea generators to help you out.

But do these little miracle makers really deliver the goods?

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5 Writing Laws I Just Can’t Keep

If the Writing Police ever do raid my house at four in the morning and drag me before the Fiction Judge, I’m pretty sure the list of charges will be a long one and he’ll throw the book at me for every one of them. And so, today I’m here to confess my crimes.

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Are You Making The Best Use Of Your Writing Time?

I’ve recently made a few more changes to my weekly writing schedule which I hope will allow me to make better use of my limited time. While I’m sure your writing schedule won’t be exactly the same as mine, I thought I’d tell you about it anyway to provide you with a bit of food for thought.

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