Detective Mo and the Missing Prince

‘She’s a detective who solves mysteries no one else can…

When Prince Percy vanishes from his tower, Queen Katie calls Detective Mo to find him.
But can Detective Mo discover what has happened to Prince Percy and return him to the Queen?
Perhaps with your help.

With its bold and simple illustrations, this light-hearted children’s detective story is the ideal gift for an inquisitive 4-7 year old. Encourage your children to piece together the clues on every page and help Detective Mo as she tries to unravel the mystery of the prince who vanishes in a castle full of frogs.

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Andrew Ferguson is a recovering fiction blogger and the author behind the wafer thin flash fiction anthology, Penstricken: Collected Stories. He is also a husband, father and has a passion for fiction, writing and music. He holds an honours degree in theology and can usually be found juggling writing with family life and a full time office job. Read more

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Detective Mo and the Missing Prince – OUT NOW!

I’m delighted to announce my new children’s book is now finished and available to buy on Amazon under its true title: Detective Mo and the Missing Prince.

Progress Update: Project E and Project 🐸

If you happen to follow me on social media, you may have noticed amid the non-stop barrage of ads for Penstricken: Collected Stories and brief updates on the second draft of Project E that I recently completed the first draft of something else which I have dubbed Project 🐸.

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