Spotlight: Opposable by Kirk E. Hammond

The Arca Trochia; a shifty, omniscient mega-fungus two billion light years from Earth, impregnated Dr. Vanderbilt’s mind with Sparks; thought spores carrying ideas. The Sparks search the cosmos for other habitable planets and germinate in fertile minds. Once rooted, they create Spires; portals allowing for instantaneous travel between the two worlds.

The first Spark told Dr. Vanderbilt to document every detail of the Arca Trochia’s home world; Halteres. The second Spark told him to attach bionic, opposable thumbs onto his cats…. The ambivalous Dr. V thinks these ideas are his, and what he’s too aloof to know, will kill us all. EARTH’S FATE COULDN’T REST IN WORSE HANDS.

Can psychotic cyborg cats, a pyromaniac alien, the punk rock Veteran of Chemical Wars, a merc known as Lilac Vengeance, and a severed head convince the unwitting doctor that he and his cats hold the key to thwarting the imminent alien invasion? ….


Praise for Opposable

Any fans of outrageous action and science fiction that actually has a little science with the fiction will be happy to read Opposable, I recommend it.

Amanja, ‘Opposable, Science Fiction Review’, Amanja Reads Too Much, 14/10/2020

Starts off odd and just keeps getting weirder, yet it draws you into the story with mounting tension, vividly portrayed characters, out of this world drug tips, betrayal and a ticking clock will keep you turning the pages until the very end.

TH Leatherman, ‘Book Review – Opposable by Kirk E Hammond’, TH Leatherman, 15/05/2020

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