Penstricken: Collected Stories Wins Award

I am very excited to announce that Penstricken: Collected Stories has scooped up its first award: the N.K. Prentices Flash Fiction Prize!

As I’m sure you all know, the N.K. Prentices Award recognises the crème de la crème of tiny short stories and is awarded but once a year on the first day of April by the renowned author, N.K. Prentices himself.

Check out what the judges had to say about Penstricken: Collected Stories.

Penstricken: Collected Stories is quite simply the most wonderful flash fiction anthology I’ve read in years.


N.K. Prentices – Judge

Everybody should read Penstricken: Collected Stories. It is an absolute triumph.


Nick R. Spent – Judge

It’s short enough to read while you’re on the loo but apart from that I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

E.N. Pentricks – Judge (the inevitable grumpy one)

As I’m sure you’re all aware, the N.K. Prentices award isn’t just prestigious. It also comes with a very generous cash prize of £50,000,000 so I’ll be buying a nice tropical island where I’ll while away the rest of my life writing more award winning fiction from the balcony overlooking my private pool!

I will, of course, be returning briefly to help judge next year’s competition so make sure you click here to get your entries in before next April.

Until then! 😎

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4 Comments on “Penstricken: Collected Stories Wins Award”

  1. A fun set-up, and a fun photo of a horse after the link. That prize money is seriously eye-popping! I looked through the post a second time and noticed something curious about the names of the judges… are they anagrams of Penstricken? (I think that’s the correct term for rearranging letters.) If so, that’s a clever move!

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