I’m Back… Kind Of

Well, it’s been a while since there have been any brand new posts here on Penstricken. Those of you who were here at the end of last year might remember I decided to take an extended/possibly everlasting break from blogging so that I could use my limited writing time to concentrate on writing my novel.

It wasn’t a decision I took lightly. I enjoyed blogging and was humbled and surprised by the kind feedback Penstricken received over the years by authors, bookworms and even teachers. Even during this hiatal period, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amount of support and kind feedback I’ve received on reblogged old posts and especially my daft wee book, Penstricken: Collected Stories.

However, my novel W.I.P., which I hereby dub ‘Project E’ until I’m ready to reveal the title, has been going really, really well since I stopped blogging regularly. I’ve been working on it every day, mostly during my commute to and from work, and I’m now more than halfway through the first draft and really happy with how it’s going. With that in mind, I certainly cannot justify a return to the kind of blogging I used to do here. It was just too time consuming.

So, here’s the vague half-baked plan that I might not stick to:

The website will be getting converted into an author page. I’ll be posting a lot more about what I’m writing and about my #writerslife in general instead of the more generalised book reviews/writers tips/author interviews/etc. that I previously wrote (I might still do the odd one, who knows?).

I won’t be posting bang on 11am every Sunday morning again like I used to. I’ll be posting as-and-when so that Project E (et al) gets the full attention it deserves. I still won’t be taking on any requests for book reviews or author interviews (except, perhaps, for personal friends) for the same reason.

I do also have a couple of other novels and other writing projects which are currently on ice until Project E is finished. I might make infrequent references to these too:

  • Project W: Non-medieval Europe inspired high fantasy. Plenty of magic.
  • Project A: Superhero story. Possibly a series. Two protagonists.
  • Various children’s stories.

So… let’s see how it goes!

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Unfortunately, I am unable to take on any more author interviews or solicited book reviews at this time.

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