6 ‘Six Word Stories’ for the 6th (vol. I)

If you’ve been following this site for a while, you will perhaps remember that I have occasionally written posts featuring 6 six word stories (you can view previous ones here and here). Since I happen to think it’s a great way to put the imagination through its paces (not to mention test my skills in brevity), I thought it would be a good idea if I made such a post whenever the 6th of a month happens to fall on a Sunday, since I only ever post on Sundays.

And… I’ll just check the calendar here and… yep, that’s OK. If we do it this way, you should still only have to put up with one or two of these kinds of posts a year at most. So it’s all good!

You probably know the rules by now. I roll Thinkamingo’s Story Dice six times and I write a six word story for whatever image is displayed on each die starting from the top left. As ever, the following stories are entirely my own work.

Alea iacta est.

  1. My treasure? Buried by my ex.
  2. Took the bait. Snap! Hard cheese…
  3. Rolled the dice; wrote six stories.
  4. While others cooled, our house burned.
  5. Nine parachutes; ten passengers casting lots.
  6. Turned up volume: ‘…will self-destruct.’

Well, I’m sure you can all do a better job of coming up with six word stories for those stimuli than I can so why not give it a bash yourself and pop your responses in the comments section below? Then we can do it all over again on the 6th of August 2017!

3 Comments on “6 ‘Six Word Stories’ for the 6th (vol. I)”

  1. Clever stories! I love flash fiction, and the 6-word story challenge is one of my favorite writing exercises. Never hurts to practice brevity! Here are my attempts:
    1. The map was really a trap.
    2. Upset stomach; never eating cheese again.
    3. Lucky seven won him the jackpot.
    4. Illegal parking cost many their homes.
    5. Stray bird took down the plane.
    6. Loud music; couldn’t hear the alarm.

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    • Glad you enjoyed the post J.C. 🙂 I find using the dice (or something similar) really forces you to expand your imagination a bit too 🙂 Love your six stories too, think number 5 is my favourite.


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