🚨 Cover Reveal! 🚨 – Rollo, The Bravest Chicken in the World

It’s only been a month or so since I released Detective Mo and the Mystery of the Stolen Cake (go and buy it!) and today I’m pleased to announce that my next picture book, Rollo, The Bravest Chicken in the World is also ready to be released.

Just to whet your appetite, here’s what the cover looks like:

If you’ve read Detective Mo, it will hopefully be obvious to you even from looking at the cover that Rollo is quite a different animal from Mo.

For a start, Rollo is only about a third of the length of an average Detective Mo book, about 350 words. It’s also written in rhyme without any of those pesky puzzles of riddles Mo has to deal with, making it a great bedtime story for younger kids. The illustrative style is also pretty different to Mo, having been loosely inspired by Egyptian hieroglyphics (but you know, more fun and cartoony) and created using a combination of hand-drawing and vector graphics which I brought together using Canva (maybe I’ll do a blog post about that if anyone’s interested!).

If you’ve got kids or know anyone with kids, keep your eyes peeled. Rollo is coming your way in a matter of days!

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